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Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction Body Wash

I received this VS Pure Seduction Body Wash from my good friend Claire. This is supposed to be her “pasalubong” which they sent first via  a balikbayan box so that they will just conveniently received it when it arrived here in the Philippines during their vacation but sadly,  the balikbayan box came in a few days late because Claire and her family have already left the Philippines when it was delivered to their Philippine address. 😦

I am just not sure if this Body Wash is really for me but my Kumpareng JN ( Bella’s godfather and Claire’s younger brother) gave this to me. 🙂 😉 Thank you Mareng Claire  and Pareng JN for this body wash. I haven’t opened this yet as I am waiting for the right time  and occasion to use this very special body wash. Thinking maybe on my next birthday celebration. 🙂

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Getting Better

In my other blog,  I have posted an update on the blessings we have received regarding my father’s health. And now  I am so happy that my father’s oxygen and catheter are already removed thus he can move and sit with ease. His condition is getting better and better everyday and we are so thankful for that.  Laboratory tests are continually conducted and hopefully everything will give a positive result. One good news actually is that, Papa is not diabetic nor hypertensive. His sugar and blood pressure are all normal. Thanks God!

Since he can now sit with ease,  he is scheduled to do a little standing and walking tomorrow. I know we still have a lot of things to undergo before Papa’s full recovery but we are standing firm knowing that our family is lovingly supporting him and also our friends who never hesitated to help us in our dire needs.

Thank you very much for your love and support and for making us feel your love and presence no matter how far you are. May the Lord God bless all of you.


I just wanted to widen my knowledge and  my network in online blogging. I already have one blog site and wanted to start another one. I still need to explore a lot features of wordpress. I hope somebody could help.