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Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction Body Wash

I received this VS Pure Seduction Body Wash from my good friend Claire. This is supposed to be her “pasalubong” which they sent first via  a balikbayan box so that they will just conveniently received it when it arrived here in the Philippines during their vacation but sadly,  the balikbayan box came in a few days late because Claire and her family have already left the Philippines when it was delivered to their Philippine address. 😦

I am just not sure if this Body Wash is really for me but my Kumpareng JN ( Bella’s godfather and Claire’s younger brother) gave this to me. 🙂 😉 Thank you Mareng Claire  and Pareng JN for this body wash. I haven’t opened this yet as I am waiting for the right time  and occasion to use this very special body wash. Thinking maybe on my next birthday celebration. 🙂

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